Hi, my name is Talia


I was born in NYC on August 26th, 2002 at 10:39pm weighing 10 pound 10 ounces and a length of 24 inches. At first, I didn't feel like coming out but once I changed my mind that was it - no one was going to stop me.  Special thanks go to Lauren, the midwife who gave me more than a helping hand. 

I enjoy eating, sleeping, looking cute, keeping everyone busy and wrapping my Dad around my fingers. 

There will be more recent pictures of me on which I am older than 12 hours and more refreshed. 

Please stop by again! Thank you.

That's me, sleeping and 6 hours old (08/27/02) That's me, sleeping, again (08/27/02)
That's my Mom, tired but very happy after my birth (08/27/02)
That's my brother Tremayne (he is the bomb) and my Dad  (08/27/02)
That's my Oma and my Dad  (08/27/02) That's my Oma and my Uncle  (08/27/02)
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Here I am posing in my new outfit... ...marveling at the light... 
...getting distracted.. ...spotting the camera... ...getting bored...
....and now totally exhausted... (09/15/02)
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By the way, this is how I get around....sleeping or awake...(9/15/2002)

My brother loves to work out with me... ...at the end we are both exhausted.. (10/05/2002)
These are some of my friends that came to visit me...
Here I am involuntarily posing in my favorite Winnie-the-Pooh outfit... ...and leaving the hospital (8/27/2002)

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That's it for now but more will follow soon ..

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