Hi, my name is Torin


I was born in NYC on March 21st, 2005 at 2:30 pm weighing 9 pound 10 ounces at a length of 22 inches. As soon as my parents had decided it was time for me to come out, I was on my way and  no one was going to stop me.  Special thanks go to Mom who made the whole journey very easy for me. 

I enjoy eating, sleeping, eating and then some sleeping. I also enjoy thinking about spending the endorsements that Deutsche Telecom is paying me for making my Opa call every 15 minutes to ask what I am doing. Besides that, I am trying to avoid my big sister so she cannot cuddle me to death.

There will be more recent pictures of me soon. 

Please stop by again! Thank you.

That's me, sleeping and 2 hours old. (03/21/2005) That's me, sleeping again but 20 hours old. (03/22/2005)
That's part of my posse, my sister Talia, my brother Trey and Mom(03/22/05) That's Talia making sure "nothing happens" to me. (03/22/05)
That's me doing what I do best - sleeping  (03/24/05) That's my Dad. He is tired from watching Mom doing all the work  (03/21/05)
I am making my Tante Andreas' heart go boom boom (03/24/05) Wazz up??? (03/24/05)
This my bro Trey and I chillaxing in our "steam room" (03/24/05) This my Onkel David. He is sooo exciting (03/24/05)
My Mom is not happy with the needle-work of the doctors (03/24/05) I am already phat styling so show some respeckt (03/24/05)
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